I'm Zalim Bashorov (aka @bashorov@𝕏 & @bashorov@🐘).

🏷 I'm interested in compilers, interpreters, VMs, WebAssembly.
👨‍💻 I'm working at @JetBrains, writing @Kotlin in Kotlin for more than 10 years 🙀.
🛸 Now leading Kotlin/Wasm to the Moon... 🌝

On the internet, you can recognize me by avatar:
zalim's avatar


My contacts

If you want to know what I do mostly at work and sometimes as a hobby, take a look at https://x.com/bashorov and https://github.com/bashor.

If you want to know about my professional experience check out https://zal.im/linkedin or https://zal.im/cv.

If you want to offer me a job prefer LinkedIn.

If (and only if) you know me PERSONALLY feel free to write to https://zal.im/telegram.

If you still don't know which option is for you try email (bashorov gmail com)


Have a wonderful day!